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the dark side of Sunny_SL

Sunny is a fictional character in SL. The dark side is me.

  • Just Getting Started

    I have wanted to do a blog ever since I joined SL. It seems Sunny is so beautiful and quite she may have something to hide. She does, that’s me. It seems that at some point in my life I have lost something. The care free person I once was has been lost for a… Continue reading

  • Remember When

    Do you remember when you first came to SL? I do. It was such a sneaky experience. I didn’t want anyone in RL to know what I was doing. I was afraid my family would laugh at me. I really don’t know why. I played Sims 2 for years. I had bought so many of… Continue reading

About Me

Hi. I’m Sunny. I’ve been a member of Second Life for about 3 years now. There I like to shop. Redo my Sim and explore. Sometimes I go to music venues and make new friends but only 3 or 4 have been lasting relationships. I came to SL out of boredom after my children had moved out. Soon came a granddaughter from my step daughter and she has became the love of both my and my husbands life.

This blog will have two sections. One about Second Life and one about Real Life. The Real Life one will be sad and dark at times because it is a place where I will share my darkest thoughts, worries and secrets but I hope there will be bright days too.I’ll just say now, if you don’t have kids, grandkids, family members with alcohol addiction or a sad and lonely childhood, this section may not be for you.

In the Second Life section I will most likely share pictures of the places I explore and so on.
Please if you relate to any of my posts feel free to comment.